🌏Extending / Porting

Learn how to create a port of Mobile Detect in a different language or library.

Open https://github.com/serbanghita/Mobile-Detect/blob/4.8.x/MobileDetect.json

It contains all the information necessary to create a "mobile" detection script in any programming language. You can auto-import this periodically in your repository by checking the version property, which is updated on each release.

The following fields will help you create a Mobile Detect script in the language of your choice.

    // Current released version. Respects semver.
    "version": "x.x.x",
    // Specific HTTP headers that attest for a "mobile" device.
    "headerMatch": { ... },
    // Array with HTTP header names that can potentially contain the "User-Agent" string.
    "uaHttpHeaders": [ ... ],
    // Amazon CloudFront headers.
    "cloudFrontHttpHeaders": [ ... ],
    // Regexes ordered by priority of "mobile" devices.
    "uaMatch": {
       "phones": { ... },
       "tablets": { ... },
       "browsers": { ... },
       "os": { ... }

If you believe you need more fields or values, please open a Github issue.

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